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1500 people from 6 sites integrated into 1 new office

"DXCPS had our business' best interest at heart. They worked with us rather than for us.
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Project THRIVE

The spread of staff across multiple sites resulted in the Melbourne Accommodation Project (MAP), which was an initiative to bring all six office sites together at once.

The MAP initiative led to the opportunity to adopt a new way of working and an innovative approach to the design and function of the workplace, known as Activity Based Working (ABW). Together, through MAP and ABW, the Thrive Program was initiated.

The Challenge

Our customer had grown very quickly through a series of mergers and acquisitions. As when any business grows in this manner there is always a need to streamline systems and get everyone working seamlessly.

The expansion caused complexities to the organisation and DXCPS was engaged to iron these out and bring everyone under the same umbrella.

Our Approach

DXCPS was responsible for the development, design and implementation of technology infrastructure and services as a key enabler for ABW. The technology centred on enabling mobility and involved developing a consolidated managed operating environment.

To enable mobility, a new standardised Ultrabook laptop replaced the core existing mix of laptops and desktops supported by wireless hotspots throughout various parts of the head office.

Our consultants worked with the customer to define the requirements and processes across the technology infrastructure and services. DXCPS contributed to the development of the strategic plan, lead the end-to-end deployment planning and implementation activities for the technology roll-out for approximately 1,500 Melbourne based staff.

Project Highlights
  • Standardised to a common operating platform

  • Allowed users to familiarise themselves with the new technology early

  • Minimised business impact by rolling technology out early (prior to the new building move) and in carefully planned stages

  • Ensured maximum business engagement to provide a high-quality end-user outcome

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