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Project FONG

The Fixed Odds Next Generation (FONG) project was initiated to phase out and decommission Tabcorp’s legacy host system to allow it to run its fixed odds activities from Luxbet’s host system, Wager Player. Tabcorp’s fixed odds host system was nearing the end of its life and faced challenges such as unsupported infrastructure, limited software support, high maintenance costs and limitations to product development.

The challenge

Luxbet was driven by continuous business demands for rapid innovation and speed in the delivery of FONG. The team quickly identified they needed a powerful team, in both size and capability, they also faced infrastructure and technological limitations. Luxbet looked to DXCPS for its experience, skill set, alternative delivery model and collaborative partnership approach.

Our approach

A trusting relationship has been developed between Tabcorp and DXCPS through the delivery of quality consulting services, over the past 5 years. The strength of the relationship has been built on providing highly skilled and reliable consultants, flexibility in engagements and a truly integrated partnership.

As part of an integrated team, DXCPS worked to seamlessly embed a development cell in the Luxbet team to deliver work packages in compliance with Luxbet’s Agile framework. Tools such as GitHub and Jira were leveraged to adhere to development and continuous integration standards.

  • Integrated team
  • Rapid innovation in response to customer demands
  • Speed to market
  • Fully managed agile development team
  • ‘On demand teams’ as innovations demands
  • Continuous integration framework
  • Retain market share
  • New market channels
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