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Transforming business through technology

In a digital world, we’re the ones breaking new ground. We challenge the status quo and strive to find new ways to solve old problems. Most of all, we’re passionate about helping companies reach their full potential through technology.

We know every organisation is different, so we build bespoke solutions from the ground up. This ensures our clients are equipped with the best tech to face the challenges of not just today, but tomorrow as well. Our projects cross the IT spectrum from advice and consulting, to project management and the implementation of entire systems. As well as running projects for our clients, we also provide ongoing support to ensure their programs continue to deliver.

Being ‘vendor agnostic’ means we’re not affiliated with particular providers; we work with whoever will provide the best results for our clients.

Collaboration is the key to innovation. With a team of over 300 local consultants and the global DXC Technology network at our fingertips, we’re perfectly positioned to benefit your business.

Our Services

Information is crucial for organisations. It fuels informed decision-making, generates insights and identifies opportunities. As information is so essential to the day-to-day running of any business, it makes sense to partner with a provider who has a proven track record in Information Management and Business Intelligence (BI).

Effective data governance design, solution delivery, reporting and analysis are all challenges of making business decisions, but we make it easier. When you work with us, you benefit from the collective experience of the best BI team in Australia, which when coupled with our commitment to quality, will give you the best possible foundation for running your business.

Sure, digital technology is great way to get an edge on your competitors. But it needs to be done in right way. 

Mobile technology is all about connectivity. It can help you talk to more of your market, more effectively and efficiently. We’re able to develop mobile apps that put you in the pockets of your customers. We can also design a mobile solution that productivity dramatically, with a flow on effect to your bottom line.

Cloud technology is one of the biggest innovations in the business world. The cloud breaks down geo-barriers and allows multiple people, in any location, to access content. Cloud and collaboration technology can really improve your productivity and efficiency, and we know how to do it well.

Testing has rapidly evolved from the once considered minor exercise in a project’s system development lifecycle to one of the most critical phases of a project.

Protecting the integrity of an organisation’s systems along with its brand and public image is now seen as paramount, due to the ever-growing presence of social media.

Testing services are now at the forefront of the IT industry and continues to play a critical role in the way a company approaches, plans and executes its projects.

DXCPS acknowledges that each company is unique and will provide your organisation with a bespoke testing service that is specifically tailored to your organisation’s individual needs.

We understand that testing is a process rather than a single activity. It starts from planning and control to analysis and design. It then proceeds to implementation & execution and is continuously evaluated through to test closure, all the while being governed and managed by a test strategy.

We adopt best practice testing methodology, whether it be the agile or V-model approach.

Put simply: we know how to manage a project. We’re able to combine real innovation with tangible outcomes, meaning you don’t have to compromise on quality or delivery.

With over 10 years experience in project management, you can count on strong, expert leadership from day one.  We know that projects change constantly, which is why it is important to take an agile approach to project management. This means you can hit key milestones quickly, and with our accurate and up-to-date status reports, you’ll always know how your project is tracking.

Whether it’s business case preparation or straightforward design and delivery, we work with our clients to find the smartest, most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Organisations are facing increasingly high pressure to perform, and while expansion can generate more revenue, multiple locations, departments and IT systems can compromise efficiency.

Streamlining business processes can save costs and improve revenue in the long term, while making your organisation easier to manage.

Our Business Process Improvement (BPI) offer is all about getting your business and technology to talk to each other in the same language. We work closely with you to ensure a consistent rollout of processes and effective collaboration between departments.

Extensive experience coupled with hands-on expertise means we are perfectly placed to implement the systems and applications your organisation needs in the most efficient manner possible.

Deciding upon an IT system for your business can be overwhelming. There’s no shortage of solutions out there, but finding the right one can be tough.

We’re here to partner with you in strengthening your IT department with the best technology for your business. We offer a balanced combination of onsite, offsite and cloud-based services on flexible engagement models that don’t compromise quality, efficiency or cost.

Once it’s up and running, we support each application throughout its entire life cycle. Our ongoing management saves you time and money, through continuous improvement, innovation, optimisation and insight.

When you partner with us, you can rely on us for a consistently effective and efficient IT solution.

Business Intelligence

UXCPS consultants work closely with our clients to determine the best process and environment to meet their requirements and help them make informed decisions by utilising consolidated information that is timely, accurate, reliable and insightful; presented in a clear and consistent format.


Business analytics is an extension of the overall BI program with a focus on specific areas of business, for example a client’s sales channel or consumer behavior analysis. We assist clients in delivering analytical applications across their organisations from which key stakeholders can derive the next course of action and make informed decisions resulting in value creation.

IM Strategy and Governance

UXCPS provides advice across the entire Information Management discipline. Our consultants have experience in policies across areas such as auditing, security, risk, compliance and privacy. They also work with our clients to build long term road maps, taking them to the next level of IM maturity.

Data Visualisation & Insight

The deployment of data visualization and discovery tools across entire organisations has become a must in the knowledge based economy we operate in today. We work with our clients to select the appropriate tools and architecture as well as the design and the delivery of data visualisation solutions to meet their needs.

Dashboard & Scorecards

We have worked with our clients to better define their KPIs (operational and strategic), and implemented dashboard and scoreboard tools allowing them to manage and monitor their business processes and outcomes. Using both browser and mobile technology, we allow our clients access to up-to-date information that is consolidated and presented in a single view, ensuring business targets are always visible. This ensures our clients achieve their targets more quickly.

Big Data

UXCPS can provide advice on frameworks and technologies currently being utilised globally to harness the value of Big Data. With our specialist partner we can present the value and practical opportunities of harnessing Big Data within your organisation.

Data Management

Our team of consultants have extensive experience in all aspects of data management, from design to delivery we cover the entire spectrum. We work with our clients to define the corporate data governance strategy to deployments of master data management (MDM), data quality and data warehousing applications.

Data Integration

Our consultants have vast experience when it comes to both data acquisition as well as data dissemination; they know the challenges that come with each. Using a variety of technologies such as ETL, Data Federation and Data Virtualisation we help our clients align their disparate data sources in order to truly realise the value of data as a corporate asset.

Data Migration

UXCPS has broad experience in the extraction, migration and population of data between and across various data systems. In our projects, we have used a number of tools and technologies to help clients migrate away from their legacy systems and onto their new enterprise applications.

Application development

Our consultants have extensive experience across major technology platforms including Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. We have specialists in .Net, Java, SQL Server and Oracle BI, ready to build and support your business critical solutions. Our capabilities include delivering to all modern devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets for Google Android, Apple and Windows products.

Collaboration tools

The way people work is changing, email is out and collaboration is in. We give you the tools you need so that your staff have the ability to work from wherever, whenever. With tools like Box we have been able to help our clients' employees collaborate and have real-time access and visibility not only of their own work but that of their colleagues; increasing productivity by reducing costs and saving time.

Real-time analytics

Up until now companies have had mountains of data but accessing insights could take days of reporting. Through our partnership with Tableau we've been able to allow our clients access to dashboards, reports and insights in seconds. By utilising digital technologies we can enable you to increase productivity by reducing lead times and time to market.

Test management

As software development process matures, we are beginning to better understand how to achieve necessary improvements to the overall quality of what is being delivered. Effective test management is a critical part of developing high quality products and solutions. UXCPS’ Test Managers ensure that they are delivering the best results for business stakeholders and customers through well thought out test plans and the implementation of frameworks that align with the test strategy of the organisation.

Testing as a service

In times of increased activity and when special project efforts are required, UXCPS is capable of providing quality, industry recognised testing resources and teams. UXCPS takes ownership of the risk and accountability in delivering testing solutions to any project. UXCPS’ consultants are experienced in System Testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing and can provide a complete end-to-end testing solution, including Test Management and Governance. Our flexible engagement model means that UXCPS' consultants can be engaged during times of peak activity in a project or for the entire testing lifecycle.

System Integration Testing

Our system integration testers verify the technical dependencies of integrated systems, ensuring functionality works as expected within the same environment. System integration testing is conducted prior to the user acceptance testing phase.

Automation testing

In the fast paced and ever changing world that we operate in, it’s a challenge for any company to continuously maintain and improve the efficiency of software development and implementation. Automating fragments of your testing capability means that you can run more tests more frequently, this allows your teams to quickly react to the ever-changing systems and requirements brought on by project teams working in agile environments. All this driven by the improve the speed to market of products and technology initiatives.

Performance testing

Performance testing uncovers what needs to be improved before products go to market. Without performance testing, your organisation is likely to suffer from the many issues surrounding slow response times, inconsistency and poor usability, resulting in the loss of your customers’ attention and interest. Our consultants focus on speed, scalability and stability in extensive performance testing measures to ensure customer satisfaction and to protect investor’s interest against product and system failure.

User Acceptance Testing

Our testers work closely with the end user and key business stakeholders to ensure confidence in the system prior to deployment into production. The focus of the user acceptance testing phase is to validate the system with respect to the user needs, requirements and business processes conducted to determine whether or not a system satisfies the acceptance criteria.

Program & Project services

We can take on all aspects of project / program delivery from inception, through build to delivery utilising a variety of methodologies.

PMO as a Service

Provides you with the establishment of a Project / Program Management Office and governance model that will suit your requirements depending on the size and complexity of the project or program. The PMO will be established in line with the OGC's P30 principles and will contribute to the smooth running of your project / program and add value for senior stakeholders by ensuring a consistent approach to governance and control.

Project Management as a Service

Provides you with a resource dedicated to ensuring a smooth and controlled delivery of your project, utilising both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Apart from traditional face-to-face project delivery where the project team is co-located, we bring experience in managing expanded project teams made up of geographically dispersed internal staff, outside experts, suppliers, vendors and customers.

Project Support Services

You may not need overarching PMO services, but still require assistance to support the projects you do run. We provide basic project services to manage your meetings, schedules, financial tracking, status reporting, timesheet management, and general on-boarding of resources.

Project Assurance

We can run a health check utilising our quality tool and provide a snapshot of the status of your project or program. This will provide an objective assessment of how well the project or program is performing relative to its objectives and any relevant processes or standards. This can be a very important investment when there are concerns about your project or program but you do not have enough detail to act upon those concerns.

Project recovery

A project is in need of recovery if it is significantly running outside budget / schedule / scope, the overall quality will not be acceptable, or stakeholders will not be satisfied. Whatever the focus needs to be, we can work with you on an action plan to recovery.

Project Management Office

Provides you with the establishment of a Project / Program Management Office and governance model that will suit your requirements depending on the size and complexity of the project or program. The PMO will be established in line with the OGC's P30 principles and will contribute to the smooth running of your project / program and add value for senior stakeholders by ensuring a consistent approach to governance and control.

Business case development

Our Consultants work closely with our clients in the development of business cases, from initial conception of ideas through to the delivery of a complete framework for undertaking a new initiative. We work with our business stakeholders to define the vision, goals, underlying objectives and requirements, and to develop the appropriate cost/financial models to deliver strong business cases.

Business Analysis

From identifying the right stakeholders and defining the roles and responsibilities to planning the approach and then eliciting requirements to fully understand them, our Consultants work closely with our clients to deliver a best of breed approach to business analysis.

Business Systems Analysis

Our Consultants bring a wealth of systems analysis experience across an extensive number of industries. Combining our fundamental business analysis services with our technical systems experience, we work with clients to develop concise technical documents to facilitate the development and successful delivery of solutions.

Data analysis

Through our combined Information Management and BPI capabilities, our Consultants bring a depth of experience across business intelligence, data warehousing and data migration that is relevant to both small projects and large programs of work. Combined with our business analysis and quality assurance services, UXCPS partner with our clients to deliver powerful data insights to deliver high performance results.

Quality Assurance

Our test Consultants augment the BA and BSA capabilities to provide end-to-end test and traceability services to successfully deliver solutions. We work closely with our business stakeholders throughout the QA process to ensure positive and successful business outcomes.

Business Process Modelling

As part of undertaking Business Analysis activities, our Consultants collaborate early on in the process of defining and developing appropriate business processes and associated business rules that provide the foundational services of solution development. We work closely with business stakeholders to ensure accurate business process definition to facilitate successful outcomes.

Business Analysis Training and Accreditation

Our Business Analysis training and accreditation services are aligned to the IIBA and BABOK and provide added depth of service to our clients.

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